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De Bug
2002-11-14 08:35:12
I've found how two instances of muonbackground can get started.
On Win98SE when i go to Start->Log Off the running instance of muonbackground will not terminate and the new one will start when i log in as differen user
2002-11-14 11:35:55
forget it, I was mislead somehow
Stephen Brooks
2002-11-14 11:47:09
I started coding this but it now looks like a no-go idea: I can have the program check for a mutex with a name like "c:/ral/muon1 (Muon1)" when it starts, so you can run multiple instances in different directories, but not the same one.  If such a thing exists, the program quits, otherwise it creates one and continues.  Problem is, how does it get rid of it when it stops running?  I mean yeah, if all Muon1 sessions stopped via the (Q)uit command I'd be able to get rid of it, but if someone decides to stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del, the mutex is left in memory, meaning the user either has to move Muon1 to another dir (or rename), or restart their computer - kind of annoying.

The problem is with two instances fighting over one auto???.sav file.  The programs only _write_ to the file while they're simulating; the problem must come when they read from it, which is only at the beginnings of the simulations.  Right now I check for an auto-saved file at the beginning of _every_ simulation, but really I only need to check for it on the first run of a given session.  Stopping one run and starting another half-way through immediately afterwards would be incorrect.  Therefore I will make it only look for an auto-saved file on the _first_ run through the outside loop, so the programs will stop interacting that way.  The only other possible major problem is if they both try to write to the results.txt file simultaneously, but this is rare (someone said they did it for ages and had no corruption) and the program re-parses the results before sending anyhow, removing most junk.

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