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2002-11-14 12:53:37
I writing this program that can send multiple resultfiles (actually It takes severall resultfiles and it makes 1 big file out of em) smile

How should the files be named?  Can I just make it a "[team]username + date + somekind of stamp".txt ?

and what login credentials do I need to logon to the ftp?

Do you have a serverlist somewhere?

I've made a few screenies so you know you're not wasting time on BS

This one gives some alround stats of the current results
Possible to send from multiple computers (check which ones to send results from)
All send results will be added in a DB (not shown)

Config screen specifies where all the result files are.

Lots of thing that are visually there arent working (about everywhere where you don't see any data filled in.  like the ftp config and the stats per computer.  I've made some tools too but havent implemented them in a form yet.
2002-11-14 23:39:07

There are the servers, go with your mouse over the FTP address, then you can read user and pass
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