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2002-11-17 03:49:08
Hey well someone uploaded a file to my ftp saying that i shouldn't let people read the directory.  I don't know why this person has done this and has any other servers had this same file uploaded to them?

I think the file was called "WARNING" and you can list files in any part of my ftp dir but you can only download files from the root of the ftp.  You CANNOT download anyone elses results.  Unless the ftp server program has a hole in it the user mightn't have realised the situation.  Well i'm just telling everyone that results on my ftp won't be download by anyone... well except stephen & me to receive them big grin
Stephen Brooks
2002-11-18 08:38:34
Well I think a file like that will just get left on your server with my new stats script... The old one would probably have put it in my v4.2 directory (and yes, I have had an anonymous "results.txt" and even somehow "signal.dat" getting uploaded thru the server) but these things don't affect anything else because the real data files have specific filenames.

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