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2002-11-17 10:36:05
I've got a problem whit muonmonitor i can not minimize the program and when i start the program I get the error: Eigenschaft Visible kann in OnShow oder OnHide nicht verändert werden. 
Can any body help me?

Sorry bad English
2002-11-17 14:22:59
You can try to contact Bananeweizen He is the author of Muonmonitor.
2002-11-18 01:29:53
I've done that already but he has not reply yet

Sorry bad English

Team Member of [DPC]We Alone
Ben Whitten
2002-11-18 07:35:40
What does it mean emyway cause I get the error but it still works ok, cause I dont know german (or what eva language it's in)

sorry about the spelling it's just someone has broken the keys off the school comps and put them in the wrong place with super-glue, but I'm trying to campensate for that big grin
2002-11-18 08:30:21
I don't know what it means but I know what the solution is:
You must install the appication in a new folder and then it will works ok.

Just read this topic on the rechenkraft forum

Sorry bad English

Team Member of [DPC]We Alone

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