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2002-11-26 04:31:17
Why on Earth would you do this?
Consider: the work has been done and the stats are based on total particles simulated, not on some particles/simulation metric.
So, you reduce your stats by not submitting them.
Stephen Brooks
2002-11-26 08:07:34
Yes I know, it's a dim thing to do.  You certainly don't _lose_ points for submitting low results, although the high results score for more "particles" since generally they take longer to simulation (and this increase in time is above proportion with the real number of particles).

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Chuck Coleman
2002-11-27 14:07:18
Worse than losing credit, witholding low results biases downward the estimated efficiency.  mad See my discussion in the thread "Recalculation of high scores shows lower efficiency." mad

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