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2002-05-21 11:50:13
Just curious about the specifics of how this project's findings will be used in creating a better accelerator - Are you personally doing this as a research project, or as part of your job?

It looks like a very interesting project.  Physics for the sake of physics, just to gain an understanding of the way things work is OK by me, and this project looks like it could have some useful practical applications as well.

Hopefully, the forum gains popularity and traffic!

Best wishes,
Scott smile
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-21 14:29:29
The optimisation of this accelerator is somethings people asked me to do as part of my job.  The idea of making it a distributed project and putting it on the internet was mine though.

The best parameters and the best percentages I get from these simulation runs are used in comparing the feasibility of the design we're looking at to other proposed designs.  Eventually (like Muon version 6 or 7) I may be able to have the program simulate many competing designs and compare them.
Ben Whitten
2002-06-02 16:24:02
These may be the crazzy rantings of a mad man, (me) but I was wondering if it is possible to run this program in DOS mode (no doubt it would be faster) cause I've tryed but I'm not very adepted in DOS so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, or if it can be done atall.  big grin

I guss my question is, Is it possible and how can I get it to work smile
Stephen Brooks
2002-06-03 10:27:10
It's possible: I in fact compiled a DOS version of the 3.11 client here.  If there is interest, I will do a conversion (in about a week or two's time when my exams are finished) and also release the source-code, as DOS source is easier to port to other places like UNIX.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
Ben Whitten
2002-06-03 15:44:19
There seems to be a huge bug with the results viewer when I tryed it, it crached my comp turning the screen white, grey and black when I restarted it screen was on the most basic setting and on the biggest pixle density, WHAT IS GOING ON!  mad
2002-06-03 17:48:04

What Windows version are you running.  I have had problems with NT4 due to the viewer requiring a later version of DirectX than it supported and the program crashed.  SO make sure you have the latest graphics drivers and DirectX version installed.

However, the latest viewer does not crash on my NT box so maybe it's a red herring (or duck).


Orbi cool
Ben Whitten
2002-06-04 04:40:36
I'm runing windows 98 and I have the latest graphix drivers and latest directX (8.1) but for some reason it is running ok now roll eyes my stupid computer is a bit messed up cool oh well sorry for the inconveniace (if eny caused)
2002-06-04 04:52:01
I would like to use a DOS version, I really don't need all that eye candy but I would like to see and make sure that the program is running.
Ben Whitten
2002-06-04 13:47:35
I have a need for a DOS version as well cause I'm in the proces of collecting old PC's and I'm kinda going to link them to gether with the old server from my school (if they let me have it) and they can only run win 3.1 big grin (well I havn't tryed enything betta) and these comp are going to go to waste unless I can run the program on DOS (I need and EXE installer small enugh to fit onto a flopy) cause I cant transfer winzip plus the CSV file is wayyyyyyyy to big to fit onto a flopy alone, so maybe if it's possible to break up the files in to chunks that would be quite cool big grin

well that's alot to think about and do, not sure if it's all possible soooooooo feel free to trash the idea frown
2002-06-04 16:57:58
has anyone else tried to set auto send to "N". i have but the darn thing still keeps trying to send at 15K. Any ideas Stephen??  I have tried various options over the last two days.  I f pull the modem lead out i get loads of error windows.  i suppose i can try to rename ftp.exe.

If you make instant coffee in to a microwave do you go back in time??
Stephen Brooks
2002-06-05 09:19:37
Helix, try RESTARTING the Muon program.  It only reads the config file when it starts up.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
2002-06-05 09:56:46
Hi Stephen, Tried all of that... the only way i could get it to not up load was to REM out the line.  i am running it across a network from a central "server". it is sitting at 15K right now and making no sign of tying to up load.  just so you know, i have not had any problems with result.txt being damaged by being updated across a network this way.  Cheers....

If you make instant coffee in to a microwave do you go back in time??
Ben Whitten
2002-07-01 10:10:29
Not sure if this will bump this to the top but I just want my idea reviewed cause I got no responce smile
2002-07-05 09:10:31
Hi Ben,

just a couple of quick points.  Way back in the old, old days before Winzip and Windoze and when I had hair we used to use software that would only run from command lines.  PKzip is one that springs to mind, tiny and should do your zipping and unzipping and maybe even disk spanning.  Have a look here for more info on this subject than you will probably ever need:

Have you considered running your network with DR-DOS, has built in networking, multitasking and is a 32bit OS:

Here is a page of links for MS-DOS utils you may find useful:

These few things may give you something to research, its getting late, I am going to bed, if I can be of any help just ask.

Thomas King
2002-07-06 02:29:38
I agree with Skygod, if you want networking with old machines you'll probably have more luck with DR-DOS or BLAST DOS, which both have nice built-in network support.  MSDOS6.22 is probably still the best OS microsoft have produced, but its a bit ponderous as far as networking goes.  And win3.11?  Argh.
Ben Whitten
2002-07-06 06:21:21
So I have to reformat the computers and install DR-DOS on them?  or does it go over everything automaticaly
2002-07-06 18:13:08
Hi Ben,

unless you have anything on those computers you need to keep, then, yes reformatting would be the easiest option.  Then you can be sure you won't get any conflicts with older software. 

Make a boot disk from one of the DOS systems and put some useful utilities on it.  Things that come to mind include format.exe,, fdisk and  You may not need all of these but better to have them handy.

The reason I suggested a DOS bootdisk is I am not sure if DR-DOS handles fat32. If it does then use a windows startup disk, you may need to add format though.

Have fun and keep us informed how it goes.
Ben Whitten
2002-07-07 13:17:10
Well as the way things go I am a computer novice, so I'm just tinkering with what I have got at the mo what with trying to link them up and whatnot, but eny advice that I could understand would be cool and just some jeneral info I might find usefull also.

oooo oooo has enyone got a copy of Microsoft Visual C++ ?  (I think that's what it's called) cause I'm thinking of learning C (I didn't understand the walk through here, sorry) but the book recomends that one or the borland one, and I found the borland one and it was £700 which is a bit out of my price range (am I being ripped off) so I guss I'm asking what the best compiler is and where I can pick it up from (and how much), or if some one could "rip" me off a copy big grin
2002-07-08 16:12:19
If you are interested in programming the old DOS stuff, sorry I lost track of who is who, you can download for free at Turbo C++. You will have to give up your name and email though, hey that is what hotmail is for.

If you are interested in MFC/Win32 you should fork over your cash to the richest man in the world, not fair but it is his game.  Visual C++ is probably the way to go.  You should be able to pick up Visual C++ 6.0 on for not to much since .NET is now out and Bill wants to add your $500 to his.

You could always go with Linux.  You can find a CD for a few bucks.  All the tools for development included.  If you still want to learn windows and only can afford linux goto and you will find a cross platform API that is very close to MFC.  You can make Win32 programs from a Linux box and learn enough about MFC to move to Visual C++ when the budget alows.

2002-07-09 03:30:37
Interested in programming the old DOS stuff, try Assembly:

Good Luck smile
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