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[DPC] Zephyer
2002-12-14 06:33:43
Seems that friday the 13th isn't that bad at all ... wink
DPC just jumped towards ARS ...

When will you get them : (based on average output over last 7 days)
4 day(s) : [ARS] (490.079.653 particles a day)
37 day(s) : [SG] (551.490.407 particles a day)

Ok DPC, Lock an load ... let's get that 2nd place big grin

Member off [DPC]Alphen // Project Muon
Don't Underestimate The Power Of The NeT
God is my Pilot, but the Devil is my Bombadeer....
2002-12-14 11:26:20
It's just a matter of time that DPC overtakes Ars smile We just don't have the firepower that DPC have frown

Seems like TAM is lost quite a number of crunchers during the FTP crisis frown

Anyways...Congrats to DPC in guys earned it smile

Guess that SG will be second soon big grin
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