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2002-12-21 15:21:07
Dutch Power Cows - TeamNWW wishes every1 a:
Merry X-mooh and a Happy MoohYear big grin

if u'r not living on d edge... u'r taking up 2 much space...
Proud member of [DPC]TeamNWW
2002-12-23 16:01:32
Merry X-mooh and a Happy MoohYear

Got Kow on your mind or what?  cool

Anyway, merry Chrismas and Happy new year to all of you.

Supp & Free-DC

rm -rf /
Stephen Brooks
2003-02-02 04:12:48
Originally posted by MetalRush:_Merry X-mooh and a Happy MoohYear_ Big Grin

"Don't have a cow, man..."

Err you know, if they made an extra-large black briefcase that also doubled as a 1-passenger car, some fool would complain it was too large to open at their desk
2003-02-02 14:32:39
...and it took you over a month to find that out ??  ROFL Big Grin

Keep smiling... it makes people wonder what you're up to Wink
[DPC] White Panther
2003-02-22 17:08:40
stephen you've got about 136 cow's at the moment
Stephen Brooks
2003-02-23 07:25:57
Sorry that was a bit mypocritical of me wasn't it?  Razz

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