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2003-10-12 09:53:41
The daily stats update is a day late.
[updated 2003-Oct-10; 18:19]
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-12 11:36:14
It's meant to be hourly, anyway... I've noticed this already.  On Friday I asked someone at work to restart it, but it stopped again after 2 updates on Friday evening.  So I'll be able to check what's happening to it tomorrow.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-10-12 21:05:57
Lately, it always seems to be a daily update from my time zone.  by the time I get to see it, the stats are locked up for the night.  Doesn't matter much to me.

Last night, I saw a glaring need in the 9.24 result in the top 100 file.  Two tweaks produced a major hit, so i sent it in with some junk.  Both were removed from the .dat file (purposely, by me) and I forgot to save a backup copy of them. 
The 4.32c manualsend froze three times, so I replaced it with the b version and it worked immediately.  Just wanted to check the stats to see if they were recieved.
2003-10-13 09:49:45
It looks like they were not recieved.
20031012-085742 93 results sent to

There are two other files with my name on them sent to other servers as 0byte files.  Those were the times when manualsend froze.  There were a few other 0 byte files on the servers beside mine.  The one shown above definitely sent properly.
If it were recieved, it would be obvious.  The top result was about 9.58 or something close to that.  Fortunately, I remember the parameters, so it could be rerun if it is lost.
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-14 09:38:26
Yes, the stats program was crashing a while ago - I've recompiled now with some debugging, but it seems to be stable hourly again!  Probably it will immediately crash when I go home... but at least this time I'll have some idea where.

The new version's confirm-send feature is OK, but leaves files on the server (forgot to add a 'del' command to the script!).  I've fixed that in the source here, and will release 4.32d once I've sorted out some issues with the results queue.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-10-14 10:10:23
The b version of manualsend works fine for me.  I just run with the c version
and send with the b version of manualsend.  It works well that way.

Not all of the server are dumping.  I have over 300 results on xeonx with a high of 8.62 including two breeds not even on the list at the moment.  I was hoping they would provide a little variation.  Both breeds are climbing quickley here, but I don't have the CPU power to keep them in the race.  There are quite a few wierd variations of both in the 3-8 % range there.
2003-10-14 23:35:41
Well i checked my server this morning and stephen had logged in recently, but now thats about 9 hrs ago.  But from when he last logged in it didn't seem like he downloaded any results.  Hopefully the next run which most server havn't been flushed in 10 hrs will remove all the results.  I would check the logs but i found out that logging to file was stopped so its going again so i can check the logs if any happens.

Also you will never be able to delete the test files uploaded so hopefully it doesn't make sure it can do that, my ftp listing program which runs every 15 mins does a clean of any test files in the directory first before doing anything else, this helps keep the ftp clean and helps my program not stuff up.
2003-10-15 11:50:52
ZeonX, your server is not the only one not being dumped.

This is getting fun.  Every different breed shoots right up with one little tweak.  I even created a new not even on the best 100 list and it ran 9.50 and would have been higher if not for one low run. 

9.055474 (327.7 Mpts) [v4.32d] {F774D50D}
9.235351 (322.7 Mpts) [v4.32b] {0DA29E74}
9.502194 (1601.2 Mpts) [v4.32b] {FF8EF410}
9.096838 (346.7 Mpts) [v4.32c] {F04518F1}
All four are completely different from the 9.58 on the server.
One more running 9.22 at the moment.

[This message was edited by Pollock[Romulus2] on 2003-Oct-15 at 20:07.]
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