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2003-01-01 13:59:40
Well we are in the no.  1 spot where we belong Wink Big Grin Cool

[DPC] Zephyer
2003-01-01 21:36:19
Hail to DPC ... Big Grin

Member off [DPC]Alphen // Project Muon
Don't Underestimate The Power Of The NeT
God is my Pilot, but the Devil is my Bombadeer....
2003-01-02 02:45:56
Our Megaflush did it again Big Grin Cool
2003-01-02 03:38:01

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-01-02 10:39:04
Congrats to this mega-flush Cool

Hope we'll see another one in the future.. that's really funny.. Wink


2003-01-03 13:57:17
Congrads on #1 !!!
I am waiting to re-deploy my humble fleet (~6GHz Athlon goodness) with V5. Any updates on it?  While I am not wasting any free cycles, I am not running projects that I am very interested in either...

ARS Team Atomic Milkshake
Unofficial Muon1 FAQ
2003-01-04 03:29:20

@odessit: ~6Ghz Fleet is quite nice, but I think I can bet them with mit 8,85 Ghz combined XP and P3 fleet in the office(24hours running) and XP at home

Edit 09.01.2003: 9,85 GHz

Be efficient!

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2003-01-04 07:15:38
sweet Smile
Maybe it's time to upgrade my intranet server to something more than 1 Gig Duron Razz

ARS Team Atomic Milkshake
Unofficial Muon1 FAQ
2003-01-06 01:32:38
More Gig's are always nice.  Especially if they work for Muon Wink

Be efficient!

2003-01-28 16:28:48
OOOPS lost our spot Frown

2003-03-17 07:22:12
Big Grin Cool back on #1 again Eek

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