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2003-01-20 01:40:48
I'm sure I had this before - some months ago.
the instruction at 0x00404d33 referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

But I'm stuffed if I can remember what teh solution was.
I think I on 4.21a, so I guess I'll download 4.21b and see how that goes.
John Kitchen
2003-01-22 08:09:10
Here is a suggestion.  Remove the "autosave" file and restart the client.  Sometimes this file gets corrupted and confuses things.  The name of the autosave file varies depending on the client, but you'll figure it out.  If that doesn't fix it, then I'm stuffed if I know what to suggest.  Stone the bloody crows.  Roll Eyes
2003-01-23 03:11:00
.... and starve the flamin' lizards.
I'll suck on that and see.

auto save ( and bak ) now both dead and gone....
Stephen Brooks
2003-01-23 04:15:44
I'd also suggest downloading v4.21b, as I seem to recall it was just this sort of error that was the problem with 4.21a and the reason for the second bug-fix.

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