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2003-01-24 11:53:27
Not saying anything, but IE really does have the best icon.
2003-01-24 15:15:16
I don't find the letter "e" that interesting, actually.  Although I am an Opera user, I'd say Mozilla has the best icon.
Stephen Brooks
2003-02-22 07:29:53
For some reason I always rather liked IE5.5's blue-square icon.  Have you ever seen the IE4 one?

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
Tom King
2003-02-23 05:10:47
I saw a coot the other day.  Does that help?


Quorn fudder quarnk quarnk
Quorn fudder quarnk quarnk
crouching leech
2003-03-01 20:17:56
I have IE 5.5. I don't think that the logo is that intersting.

Tom King
2003-03-03 15:17:08
Yeah, well, I don't think I'm very interesting either. 

Woo hoo hoo! 

And this SODDING signature is begining to stuff grebes into my accelerator pipes.


Quorn fudder quarnk quarnk
Quorn fudder quarnk quarnk
2003-06-21 13:46:44
no, Galeon has the best icon!  pj13r teh ship Smile

Browsers of choice: 1st.  Galeon, 2nd Dillo, 3rd Mozilla
2003-07-31 14:49:45
Funny the Galleon was known as slow fat target, Back in the History books.  Roll Eyes Wink
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