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crouching leech
2003-03-01 20:54:28

I have downloaded the trial of winzip.  When I try the clouds screensaver, the screen turns black, then it goes back to normal.  Similar things happen when I try to use other programs, like the matrix/light screensavers.  I'm probably not doing something important.  I tried "extract to..." and I have gotten the screensavers to be set as the ones my computer uses.  Let me know if I'm not giving enough information.  Confused
Stephen Brooks
2003-03-02 19:30:43
There are certain circumstances when my programs won't work, for example if DirectX is not installed (e.g. on Windows NT 4.0) and if your monitor does not support the resolution the program is trying to use.  Most of my programs are set to use standard resolutions {320x200, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768} by default.  A few LCD screens might not like the default resolution though.  Some of my programs have a config file where you can change the screen resolution.

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