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2003-03-04 14:40:39
As of the time this was posted, o7 has passed netscape for fourth place, with a win percentage of 40.264%. Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2003-03-04 17:46:01
I vote that "Opera7 Goes Forth" would be a better title for this thread.

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2003-03-04 17:46:09
As of the time this was posted, the top 6 in descending order are Links, Mozilla, Opera 6, wget, Dillo, and Opera 7. Either Opera 7 was really bad between our posts or you need to recount browsers.
2003-03-04 18:11:40
I meant that opera 7 is in fourth place for number of wins.  Somebody won 2 more games for O7 since I left, giving us three more than NS.
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