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2003-03-16 01:56:27
Hello fellow DPAD crunchers and STEPHEN:

i just had a few questions about v 4.21b

-First off how does the stats Run...are they based purely on the # of particles simulated, amount of *trials/Work units* completed, best muoun transfer, or a combination of some or all...

-I installed the best 250.dat by adding it to the begging of my results.dat file...i noticed an immediate DROP in the amt.  of results this a) normal b) a good thing from the analyzation/stats perspective...i.e. are more *pts* generated through using the best250 results even though computing time per results is much much longer....

-Is v5.xx still set to come out in April?

-Lastly, how can i get it so that muoun1_background begins upon startup *incase pc gets turned off somehow*

-Thank you for your help!
2003-03-16 05:45:38
The best 250 file is good to have.  Indeed simulations take longer, but better results are yielded which means more points.  So it's good for the stats to have the best 250 file.

About the startup thing: you can place shortcut in START --> Program Files --> Startup (if you use Windows, that is).

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-03-16 11:22:42
thx for replay Smile
Stephen Brooks
2003-03-17 12:00:57
I'm hoping for a new version in April.  The advantage now is that for the next 5 weeks I'll be working 9-5 on the Muon code almost exclusively.  I found it hard to get going with anything when there was university work still to be done.

Thanks, Stephan202, your responses were spot-on.

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