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Book'em Dano
2003-03-16 14:10:51
Well the K-Meleon team finally made it.  Thanks to all that helped.  Your efforts continue to be appreciated.
2003-06-09 02:31:21
A good browser deserves credit Smile

Book'em Dano
2003-06-09 19:06:21
I'd like to note that since that post in March, K-meleon has increased it's winning percentage from 40 to 41. That puts it in 3rd place behind Mozilla and Opera 6 with respect to browsers with more than 1000 wins.  But then again Links, Dillo's and Wget's stats are equally impressive considering the number of wins they've posted.

Suffice to say that while "A good browser deserves credit" it also takes some good playing to get it there.  Now where can I get some of that Wget speed at . . . .
2003-08-01 15:25:02
Good playing requires some strategy and sometimes some luck.  Cool
2003-08-02 05:44:55
Yes.. and a little practice.  I see you're getting better Razz
2003-08-02 08:20:26
How could You tell?  Unless of course I'm the only K-Meleon player, Which I find to be unlikely.  Oh well, Thanks.  Big Grin Cool
2003-08-02 10:02:52
It was an educated guess, since at the moment there's not many of us playing, besides Dano, and he's really good.  Me, I have my moments.  Roll Eyes
Have you realized that after you place the third block, the game counts as a lost game for the stats (unless you win)?
So in my opinion, one should not put more than two blocks on a board where other players have already created several chances for winning.  It's just too great a risk.

Have fun, and good luck!
2003-08-02 11:49:55
I find that winning is not always straight across or down, But on the diagonal and sometimes a few decoy moves are needed to win also.  Big Grin But a lot of times It's either lose or try and force a draw and I've forced a draw once so far.
2003-08-03 03:51:46
Winning stats are going further down every day.  I wonder what's going on.  Frown
Book'em Dano
2003-08-06 20:44:45
Yeah I noticed that . . . I've been away on vacation.  I'll continue to be away the rest of this week, but I'll be back next week to help Team K-Meleon.  In the mean time try not to play more than 2 pieces unless you're sure you will finish the game.
2003-08-07 00:22:15
I always try to finish my game.  There is someone around lately that likes to play three or four pieces and then leaves.  I think it's not an accident.  And someone said in the chat he's seen a few cases of a K-meleon player stepping in in a game that's looking good and ruining it at the last moment.  Confused

All pretty childish.  Have a nice vacation.
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