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2003-04-01 10:15:50
Graphical Version D/L link on the site seems not to be working...

Results in deadly 404 error.

Just for me perhaps Frown
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-03 14:37:46
I checked it yesterday and it was working.  Maybe's internet connection was temporarily down.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
2003-04-03 21:00:22
I am sorry but still not working...I have tried n times.

There may be a problem with DNS.  Homepage of and also for other alias name are not working for me.  IP is given as

Also my network is not restricted by any means of firewall, proxy, content check, etc.

May be another link for the file?  A mirror may be. advance.
2003-04-03 21:46:13
Coming days, you'll find it @ my ISP server space.
Hope this helps.

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-04-04 01:23:05
This helped thank you.

Perhaps a temporary DNS problem of my side.

Best wishes... Wink
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-05 02:48:43
The network is a fairly secure one, so it's also possible the admin got overenthusiastic and blocked an entire ISP domain if someone using it was firing packets at them.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
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