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Jeff Hammersmark
2003-04-01 20:56:32
I just want to know: If the first stage of the project has been completed, is the work being done now just repetitive or does it have some importance as well.  Also, I belong to SETI@home right now so give me some reasons I should join this project......kinda for fun, kinda to get a feel for the project.  Smile
2003-04-01 21:55:31
ATM the optimal designs are found, so there's no scientific need to help with this version.  In about a week, however, a new version will be released.  That version will simulate something different.  And then the optimzation can start again.  So in about a week this project will be of use again Smile

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Jeff Hammersmark
2003-04-09 11:52:17
So is this "new version" everyone is talking about now (v4.3 i believe) the one that simulates something different?  I thought it was going to be v 5 ??
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-10 13:46:34
v5 will simulate something different.  v4.3 (oddly) simulates _less_ than v4.2x, but optimises in a better way than v3.x did when it last did this part of the machine.  It serves as a good test case of the new architecture before I put all the new components in.

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[AMD Users]Core
2003-04-21 06:57:09
you dont have to just choose one project to be a part of, you can use many at the same time.  I have Muon and Find-A-Drug running in the background and SETI@Home as a screensaver because I couldnt decide which one I wanted to do.  Most of these programs share system resources quite well (SETI@Home is the only exception I've found, it hogs the entire CPU)
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