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2003-04-08 09:37:30
2 of my computers are having troubles with the latest version.  My dual Xeon is always stuck at "Determining nearby components..." and never actually starts to crunch any numbers.  Tried different config.txt settings with exact same result and also tried running it from different directories.  Then my AMD 2ghz randomly crashes and now seems to be at the point of not wanting to run it for more than a couple of seconds.  My other 3 systems seem to be running the new version without any troubles so far though but they are all 800mhz and slower systems.  If you have any ideas or need any more info please let me know.

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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-08 11:39:22
Which of the files did you download - the RAR or the ZIP archive?  Have you tried downloading a fresh copy?

Are the crashes associated at all with choosing more than 1 thread in the config.txt?  (That is a part that I changed slightly but have not checked).

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2003-04-08 11:39:58
Did you check your hardware with any other distributed computing client?

try - optimize the client with -rt - that may need up to 128 MB RAM.  Registration is needed, but that's a good check Wink

If everything's okay after 24 hours, no problems with your hardware..(excluded CDROM/DVD Big Grin )

2003-04-08 20:22:36
Guess I'm gonna put this one off to gremlins or something.  I tried several methods and used both the RAR and ZIP downloads and attempted in several test directories.  Eventually I ran it in Win XP under VM Ware and it seemed to work fine there.  So after seeing it work there I tried it again on my normal system (both the dual xeon & AMD) and for some Murphy Law reason it decided to work on BOTH systems.  Not sure what was up to cause it to either freeze or crash on both systems even after rebooting but it's working now and that's all that matters.  Next time I'll just rub my rabbits foot & walk around my house 3 times in a counter clock-wise direction.  Why not.... nothing logical seems to have any play in it.  Wink

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REAL friends help friends move dead bodies.
Brian Sogard
2003-04-11 04:59:58
I have 2 winXP Pro systems that v4.3 has been crashing on.  The download was the zip file, but that same downloaded zip file is working fine on both win98se and win2kPro systems.  All systems have been running various D.C. software for several months so I have good reason to believe the hardware is in good working order.  One of the crashon-prone systems is a duron 850 the other is an athlonXP1700.

I have this morning enabled 'compatibility' mode (win2k compatibility) on the 2 XP systems and will report back later on them.
2003-04-11 05:09:34
On the systems you are talking about, did the client crash immediately, or after a few simulations?  If so, check that there is an enter (carriage return/new line character) at the end of the file.  Also check that that every result is separated that way.  My client, and those of other DPCers chrashed because two results were appended after eachother without the new line break.

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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-11 07:23:35
I've had one other e-mail about intermittant (about 1 in 3 simulations) crashes on XP.  Seems to be a problem that's restricted to XP sp1 so far.
I'm pressing onto v4.31 at the moment, but when I get there I'll also release a debugging version so people with the crashes can hopefully give me some information that I can use to locate the bugs.

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2003-04-11 08:16:23
CUrrently running v4.3 on a AMD Thunderbird 1.33GHz with WinXP Pro SP1a the following is taken from the event logger

Faulting application muon1_background.exe, version, faulting module muon1_background.exe, version, fault address 0x0000ea99.
2003-04-11 09:56:17
V4.3 was crashing for me about every 5 minutes at the start on my Win2K box.  I got the feeling that it was doing this at the start of a simulation.  I then realised that I had forgot to delete my old results.dat file.  Ever since I got rid of it, it has worked like a charm... Big Grin
Brian Sogard
2003-04-11 10:51:53
When I upgraded to v4.3 I deleted all old files in the muon folder except user.txt on each machine, so old files in the folder aren't a problem.  My XP machines most likely do not have SP1 installed, I can't check that until I get home.  WHen I get home I will also see whether they have crashed in compatibility mode, if they have I'll bump compatibility mode back to win98.
2003-04-11 11:47:18
yeah I had the same problem until I realized I missed some old files, once I copied the user file over to a clean new directory with the new files and all has been well.

Also I had problems with the rar download, there werent any files in there, yet the file was full size, so they should of been there, but umm well they werent Confused but the the zip worked fine.  Smile
Brian Sogard
2003-04-11 14:36:33
Hmm, crashed while I was at work, both XP machines.  I did not previously note, I ordinarily only run the background version, I have started up the commandline version and will let that run to see if any errors occur.

The crashes occur apparently as a simulation begins, but not all simulation starts cause a crash, the results files have the CR/LF they need where it's needed.
2003-04-11 16:56:32
I run a P4 2.4 GHz on Windows XP Home Edition and it runs perfectly for me.  Is there much of a difference between Home and Pro?  That could be something to look into if the crashes only seem to happen on the Pro version.
2003-04-12 00:48:50
Originally posted by BOHICASETI:
2 of my computers are having troubles with the latest version.  My dual Xeon is always stuck at "Determining nearby components..." and never actually starts to crunch any numbers. 

I can confirm this behavior on _one_ of my machines (AMD XP 2400+@2000) with Win2K pro.  Although it's not always stuck.
The machine is not overclocked and passes the "big irons" tests (i.e. folding@home & DF).  Additionally v4.3 throws a Windows NullPointer Exception from time to time.
On my other machines all runs well, however...

2003-04-13 15:38:11
Just wanted to say that I got my copy of v4.3 working.  As already mention on here all I had to do was delete all the old files from the previous version and run this version a fresh with just my old results.dat and user and config files.  It's been running all day with no probs Smile
2003-04-14 15:16:27
nope it's crashing again Frown
2003-04-16 09:22:16
I got no problems with the new version.

1. set up a new directory and unrared the compressed distribution.
2. copy my user.txt to the new dir
3. started the client

i did this on 11 machines and everything work fine.

what i did not do:
- use the old results.dat file
- try to merge the old dirstructs with the new version


p.s. some of my machines are xp-machines with sp1 installed
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 16:09:45
I think I may have found the cause of all this crashing actually, though don't bet on it.  There'll be a v4.32 in a couple of days, which could be a lot more stable.

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