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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-14 04:16:28

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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-14 04:18:20
I downloaded the files sent to me up to about 6pm yesterday (Sunday), and now I've somehow got the stats-generator working so I can paste a list of your stats at that point in time here.  Unfortunately I'm on the wrong machine to start the thing up permanently and have it writing to my website, but perhaps I'll be able to do that this evening.

Version 4.3
Beyond[]: 182 results, 6703.2 Mpts, best 0.418% muons
BOHICASETI: 1562 results, 79048.8 Mpts, best 2.345% muons
Brent Welch: 208 results, 7534.6 Mpts, best 1.867% muons
cbird2: 231 results, 6224.2 Mpts, best 0.926% muons
ceselb: 395 results, 12566.8 Mpts, best 0.839% muons
David Bass: 153 results, 6934.8 Mpts, best 0.722% muons
DERGmeister of Tierrasanta: 824 results, 39305.9 Mpts, best 1.725% muons
Eric Bailey: 98 results, 3627.6 Mpts, best 0.399% muons
Hackfloisch: 290 results, 12748.1 Mpts, best 1.211% muons
HALON1202: 142 results, 6956.6 Mpts, best 3.758% muons
Henri Valta: 163 results, 6164.2 Mpts, best 0.764% muons
Hydrox []: 168 results, 6215.6 Mpts, best 0.641% muons
ivo.lind: 309 results, 7515.2 Mpts, best 0.695% muons
ivo.lind ( 309 results, 8468.3 Mpts, best 1.010% muons
Jahana: 14 results, 388.1 Mpts, best 0.030% muons
jamespburke: 49 results, 1251.6 Mpts, best 0.210% muons
jarek l: 27 results, 1238.4 Mpts, best 0.414% muons
Jay Pound: 549 results, 17996.0 Mpts, best 1.164% muons
jd hammer: 96 results, 1678.8 Mpts, best 0.131% muons
JE1SUS []: 449 results, 20379.1 Mpts, best 1.522% muons
Kileran: 102 results, 3478.9 Mpts, best 0.204% muons
MaFi []: 937 results, 27161.4 Mpts, best 1.133% muons
Mark Wilmott: 990 results, 32666.6 Mpts, best 1.039% muons
olli: 96 results, 3855.4 Mpts, best 0.590% muons
Sharpy[Romulus2]: 595 results, 28213.4 Mpts, best 1.996% muons
Stephen Brooks: 147 results, 6222.9 Mpts, best 0.998% muons
StinkiePhish: 98 results, 4342.8 Mpts, best 0.451% muons
Supp[]: 22 results, 792.5 Mpts, best 0.074% muons
Syndrom: 126 results, 3496.7 Mpts, best 0.285% muons
Teraflopmaster: 420 results, 23770.7 Mpts, best 0.933% muons
thormodr: 748 results, 24111.1 Mpts, best 1.301% muons
trickfinger: 117 results, 3796.1 Mpts, best 0.612% muons
wviands[Romulus2]: 355 results, 20707.4 Mpts, best 1.242% muons - rsarkezi: 303 results, 12484.2 Mpts, best 0.669% muons
ZeonX[OCAU]: 22 results, 700.1 Mpts, best 0.064% muons
Ziolas: 270 results, 7912.9 Mpts, best 0.513% muons
[AMD Users],Goatherder: 98 results, 3993.0 Mpts, best 0.510% muons
[AMD Users],Keith: 15 results, 338.0 Mpts, best 0.065% muons
[AMD Users]Brian Sogard: 274 results, 11403.4 Mpts, best 1.202% muons
[ARS]Dave Peachey: 210 results, 4078.2 Mpts, best 0.301% muons
[ARS]johnfkitchen: 290 results, 18297.6 Mpts, best 1.536% muons
[ARS] Standish: 775 results, 40961.4 Mpts, best 2.488% muons
[AVE]Caesar: 64 results, 3087.2 Mpts, best 1.693% muons
[AVE] PX3: 2371 results, 141677.6 Mpts, best 4.917% muons
[DPC]Alphen: 176 results, 7606.4 Mpts, best 2.923% muons
[DPC]Arie: 86 results, 3648.5 Mpts, best 1.075% muons
[DPC]CrazyCows: 270 results, 26806.6 Mpts, best 4.569% muons
[DPC]Decs: 667 results, 47580.3 Mpts, best 4.934% muons
[DPC]Fiets: 45 results, 2076.6 Mpts, best 3.199% muons
[DPC]HekjeLindon: 198 results, 11231.0 Mpts, best 0.983% muons
[DPC]John Glenn: 130 results, 3125.9 Mpts, best 0.379% muons
[DPC]Kr3kr: 257 results, 7605.7 Mpts, best 0.473% muons
[DPC]Naiko: 542 results, 21982.7 Mpts, best 3.974% muons
[DPC]Noon: 837 results, 71375.3 Mpts, best 4.949% muons
[DPC]TeamNWW: 969 results, 82514.3 Mpts, best 4.566% muons
[DPC]Team WAU: 673 results, 36187.0 Mpts, best 4.300% muons
[DPC]Tomcat: 59 results, 5560.0 Mpts, best 4.510% muons
[DPC]xillius: 599 results, 43268.1 Mpts, best 5.014% muons
[DPC] Crack: 71 results, 5179.2 Mpts, best 4.691% muons
[DPC] White Panther: 247 results, 13079.7 Mpts, best 4.132% muons
[ExtremeDC] Wizbones: 1281 results, 57030.9 Mpts, best 2.156% muons
[OCAU] badger: 163 results, 8308.0 Mpts, best 2.006% muons
[SG] Lander: 306 results, 8015.1 Mpts, best 0.484% muons
[SG] MiniCruncher: 545 results, 18293.7 Mpts, best 0.845% muons
[SG] SlipStream: 74 results, 1335.8 Mpts, best 0.109% muons
[TA]CADkindaGUY: 96 results, 5411.1 Mpts, best 1.466% muons
[TA]DanC: 751 results, 36513.5 Mpts, best 2.716% muons
[TA]jliechty: 361 results, 11059.3 Mpts, best 1.133% muons
[TA]Kk4Jc: 180 results, 7467.2 Mpts, best 0.802% muons
[TA]Overkiller: 430 results, 19799.1 Mpts, best 2.358% muons
[TA]Stormgiant: 104 results, 2477.2 Mpts, best 0.281% muons

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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-14 04:20:39
(Sorry, slight confusion with my login and the first message there).

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
2003-04-15 22:16:27
but, but, it's almost wednesday, these are no good now!

just kidding, i'm sure you'l have stats up as soon as possible.
Jeff Hammersmark
2003-04-15 23:27:55
4.949 % muon transfer???  Doesn't that blow away the results from the last version?  Are these results comparable to 4.2 anyway?
2003-04-15 23:52:41
I´ve got some good mµon transfers ,too.  About 5%.
I know some people who also got as good transfers.
2003-04-16 00:06:58
this version of the project simulation actually does LESS than the prior version but focuses on a particular part of the accelerator.  I believe the chicane of magnets at the end of the run was removed so MUON transfers WILL be high and ahieve that height rather quickly...
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 07:01:34
Yes, it's fairly confusing - I can't remember the exact figures, but it's roughly like this:

Original solenoid channel design (baseline) ~2.9% transfer
Solenoid channel in v3.x (12D optimisation) ~6.5% transfer
Solenoid channel in v4.3x (137D optimisation) expected 9% transfer [RUNNING NOW]

Baseline solenoid channel + chicane ~0.8% transfer
(v3.x 12D optimised solenoid channel) + chicane ~1.9% transfer
v4.2x joint-optimised 137D (solenoid channel + chicane) ~3% transfer

There was some stuff going on in versions v4.0x and v4.1x that I've left out, and can't check because those results got deleted, but basically I it was just a 12D joint optimisation of the solenoid channel + chicane, giving something like 2.1% transfer in the end.

The chicane design has now been abandoned, I think on the basis that it is too inefficient (as you see above, we were losing about 2/3rds of our particles in it).  v5 will joint-optimise the solenoid channel plus a new design for the subsequent section.

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2003-04-16 11:48:09
any news on the stats?  I sent in what I had last night as I sold a system and want to make sure the send worked, but dont see anything listed on the stats page.  Frown
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 13:47:44
The good news is I've found what I think is the primary bug that's been causing the crashes in my results-counter and probably the crashes in Muon itself too!  The bug was a string-buffer-overrun in the routine that reads in a result from the file.  I only left 100 chars for a "comment" to follow the end of the 2nd line in a record, but there was a glitch in Kenlow's file where the 1st line of the next record (which is 1000ish chars long) had become joined onto there, meaning far too much got read in.  I noticed what this bug was when I saw that the "bad pointer" causing the crash had ASCII bytes in it Big Grin

The bad news is that I'm now having to re-parse the whole 2.2GB database from v4.2-present, at a rate of about 1MB every 3 seconds on average.  That's going to take a couple of hours.  I think I could make it a bit faster but resisted the temptation to break my stats generator _again_.

It looks like this.

After this, the v4.2 stats should be back where they were, and there'll be a v4.3 column which may or may not make an awful lot of sense because the scoring system is different.  I was going to make another stats script to display the v4.3+ information - in fact, I think I can do that in work tomorrow...

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[This message was edited by Stephen Brooks on 2003-Apr-16 at 22:01.]
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 14:46:06
OK the main pages of stats for v4.2x are back, but teamstats.php does not currently work (neither does the WAP interface but that's less important).  If you read carefully you'll see the v4.3x information is in there.  I'll have to ask DukeBox or someone for a CSV dump of the last known v4.0x, v4.1x data, just to get that correct.  Will be working on a new stats-display script tomorrow.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-17 08:13:52
teamstats.php now works again for versions up to 4.2x.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
2003-04-23 08:48:01
Well the last day there were 'correct' version 4.2 and lower stats was 2003-03-29
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