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wirthi [Free-DC]
2003-04-15 08:05:29

it seems that queue.txt is constantly growing; it's full of whitespaces even when it's "empty". Not really a problem (about 500 byte/day on a fast CPU), just wanted to let you know.

Stephen Brooks
2003-04-15 10:46:36
I blank out queued-but-done records from the file using spaces.  I could shift the whole file backwards 1 result but I figured that would take longer.  Perhaps it's writing a couple too many spaces each time and it's adding up!  I can fix this in v4.31 I think (will add it to to-do list).

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
wirthi [Free-DC]
2003-04-15 10:52:39
As I said before it's not really a problem.  I just thought it could be a bug and cause troubles somewhere else ... If it's okay for you, it's okay for me.

Well, that also means I can manually delete those spaces?
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-15 11:23:21
Yes, you can delete the whole file if you like.  The worst that can do is lose you the work gone into the result that's in it.

This bug now solved in version 4.31.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C

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