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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 08:06:02
v4.31 didn't accept the checksums of v4.3 results.dat files, so I found a silly error and corrected it, producing v4.31a, which _is_ backwards compatible.  If none of you got there in time to download the buggy v4.31, then I guess I'm just too damn quick for you Big Grin

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2003-04-16 08:29:28
so dl new version..... and everything is fine?  or am i wrong?

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Dave Peachey
2003-04-16 08:32:41

Thanks - saves me doing you a bug report . . . but, b*gger, I'm going to have to reinstall it on half a dozen machines again!!

Oh well, my fault for being too quick to install a new version Frown

Stephen Brooks
2003-04-16 10:21:47
Sorry for the inconvenience.

In other news, I booted up my home PC right now and the stats generator suddenly started working BY ITSELF, which is very odd as it was crashing last night when I was trying to fix it.  Right now it's crawling through folks' results at about 30KB/sec due to running in my debug emulation mode (normally counts more like 800KB/sec).  I'm waiting to see what sort of a stats page it decides to upload of its own accord Big Grin

If this luck stays, I'll be making a new stats page for the new version tonight.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature -99999°C
2003-04-16 13:39:46
on the main page all i see is v 4.3...

is this the new one?  or will 4.3a come out soon..

also if we have 0 problems w/ 4.3 should we upgrade to 4.3a?

i.e. what else is counted in 4.3a (lemme guess, the multiple checks?)....also will the logs of original 4.3 be ported over to 4.3a stats..

thank you!!!
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