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2003-04-17 12:15:58
I am running 4.31a but when i manually send myr esults i get a message saying i am running v. 4.3 and that i need to update to 4.31a...but i definetely downloaded 4.31a when it came out...

just letting you know
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-17 13:58:52
I think it says you're running v4.31 and you need to be running v4.31a, because I forgot to update the internal thing's notion of its own version number.  I should compile v4.32 tomorrow, which hopefully shouldn't have so many crashes either.

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2003-04-18 00:21:01

the beta testers are us Smile
wirthi [Free-DC]
2003-04-18 04:44:03
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