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2003-04-18 11:32:13
Once in a while (one or two days) muon1.exe
stops and a dialog named "Oh sod it" pops up,
with the following "info":

DirectDraw error 887601C2 @ 103

once ok is pressed both the dialog and muon1.exe quit.

It happened with with both version 4.2 and
4.3 on several machines, the last one is a
P3 1G 457M win2k sp1 with intel 82815 as
graphic adapted driver.


Giampiero Campa, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
West Virginia University, Aerospace Engineering Dept.
535 ESB, Morgantown, WV, 26506-6106, USA
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-18 12:49:37
Normally that message indicates some sort of conflict of control of the computer display.  Are you sure you haven't got any other utility running (e.g. a screensaver or something else that runs automatically and tries to grab focus) that might try to do something with the screen?

The particular error you report (and the "info", though cryptic, actually tells me a lot about it) occurs while the program is trying to update the frame on the screen from memory.  The error 887601C2 is a DDERR_SURFACELOST, which indicates somehow the graphics card has destroyed or unallocated the surface Muon1 was working on.

All versions so far do have a potential buffer-overrun bug, which I've now fixed.  There'll be a version 4.31b correcting this, which may or may not help with your error.

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