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2003-04-19 16:11:51

I have started Netmap for Windows and it's rarely using system ressources (e.g CPU-time: 0:00:00, 1MB Memory, very few ip packets over internet connection).

This would be no problem at all if Netmap would find nodes much faster but it doesn't. In 5 hours it only found 340 nodes.  How can I speed up this search.  Or does the program itself limit the amount of used bandwidth, CPU-time...?

Thanks for you reply
Stephen Brooks
2003-04-20 14:28:21
Well I've just got 125 nodes in well under 5 minutes running it here, though this is starting off, and it will get a bit slower as it continues.

One reason for slight slowness is that although I think it sends and receives the ping packets of different lengths out in parallel, it does DNS lookups on any new hosts found in serial.  Still I'd expect it to go a bit faster than you're describing.

You can actually run many instances of netmap.exe to get it to go faster - or at least, I _think_ you can.  I certainly wrote a multithreaded driver for it at one stage, but it caused an alert at Oxford's computer security centre because there were too many ping packets!  The multithreaded one got >50000 hosts in a few days.

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2003-04-21 13:19:06
Thank you
I'll try running many instances over the next few days
Ben Whitten
2003-05-26 14:24:12
In about an hour I got 2000 nodes, the net view makes absaloutly no scence tho, lots of bit all over none seem to all be connected just little random bits floating around :/, be good if it all origonated from "you" like a spider web rather then little bits floating around.
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