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2003-04-21 15:29:38
Whenever muon 4.3x autosaves, it should generate a file with the name auto[gfx¦cli]].sav (I haven't the patience to find out what it generates for the background client.)

I don't get this - I get autogfx.sav.tmp.

This is then ignored when the client restarts, unless I rename it.

Is it me, or is it Win 98 or something else?
2003-04-24 04:33:13
I had the same problem on my notebook (Win98 SE).  It happend sometimes in the beginning, but not any longer.  I have no idea... Win98... Roll Eyes
I've never seen it on Win2000 or *nix systems

2003-04-30 14:17:54
Yep, seems to have gone away.

But my solutions have stalled at 2.7%, so I've stopped for a while.
2003-04-30 15:45:54
I see the same thing on my Win98 box at home.  The save file is misnamed for both the command-line client or the graphical version.  My Win2k box at work doesn't misname the files...
Stephen Brooks
2003-05-01 14:05:16
That's weird.  Maybe I should try writing my own file-move utility (using the standard C library) because perhaps the rename using Window's MoveFile command isn't working as it should.  FYI, what's going on is that the autosave file has ".tmp" added while it's being written (to avoid a half-made file ever being loaded), but then it's moved to overwrite the original instantly.

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2003-05-10 07:24:18
Spoke too soon - as noted it still affects the cli and gfx client.
I am using Win98, so maybe that's a common theme.

The workround is obvious, so it's not a killer bug.

2003-05-10 07:43:13
Saw it several times on some XP networked clients, just disappeared then after the next 3min auto-sav cycle.
Looks like a little fart in the file access activities Wink

I'd say more, but I can't reach the keyboard from the floor.
Stephen Brooks
2003-05-10 16:28:20
Yeah I've just done some work on the program - got rid of the whole .tmp file thing now.  I've also only just realised I should put a checksum on the end of the autosav file when it's written (duh) because otherwise people could mess around with it.  It would also stop partial files from being read in by accident, something the .tmp feature was originally meant to avoid.

Might release v4.31c tomorrow.

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2003-05-21 12:38:04
Just confirming that 4.31c does not exhibit this problem, as expected.
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