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2003-04-22 09:21:13
DirectDraw error 88760245 @ 2:

once in a while this error occurs and is logged in the dderr.log file when i try to open the viewresults.exe (contained in the 4.32b) after opening the muon1viewresults.exe which i downloaded seperately from the homepage.
nothing serious.
2003-04-22 11:20:57
btw: just got a DirectDraw error 887601C2 @ 103 while running the muon1.exe graphical version...
2003-04-23 00:36:14
I just looked in my own copy of that file in my Muon directory and I have 3 of those at 103.
[AMD Users] Michal Hajicek
2003-04-23 11:50:48
Both 4.3x ...viewresults.exe totally freezes my computer (w2k Pro SP3) from time to time (unpredictable), and it's graphics allways flicker.
2003-04-23 19:49:54
Graphics flicker on any muon program that uses them, here.

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