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2003-04-29 15:30:37
for what does the unit Mpts stands for?

how much computer power costs to generate one?  (something like P90 Years or Megaflops or so)

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Stephen Brooks
2003-04-29 17:17:16
Stands for Mega-particle-timesteps.  In other words it is the number of times the simulation has had to shift a particle forward one timestep, divided by 10^6.

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2003-05-06 01:46:29
@ TheFinalLoser:
my computer (athlon xp 2400+ (133*15=2000MHz)) makes about 160 kpts (0.16 Mpts) per second under win2k. the (optimized) linux client produces about 240 kpts / s (e.g. a 100 Mpts simulation takes ~7 min.  with the linux client).
i hope this is information is useful Smile
Stephen Brooks
2003-05-06 06:01:53
Sounds like 1 Mpts is about 10^10 clock cycles then (i.e. one particle-timestep takes 10000 cycles).

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