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Chris Johnson
2003-04-29 16:54:15
That was quick: is already running a distributed project to find a drug to cure SARS.  I suppose in a case like this, if the virus capsid isn't too far removed from well known viruses, the data for these can be plugged straight into a general molecular simulator with very little delay.
2003-05-07 16:45:33
A few points to consider with the project:

The project was announced BEFORE SARS was formally identified by WHO.

Read the FAQ carefully.  It does not say it is specifically targeting SARS but an unknown coronavirus that was found in the body of those who have contracted the disease.  There has not yet been any confirmation that the virus is actually related to the SARS infection or not.  So basically it's a guess.

It also states 'The new virus diverges by 50-60% from the three known groups of coronavirus' which sounds like quite a big difference.

I have my doubts that this is specifically targeting SARS but I guess it will be almost impossible to prove if this will be of benefit to any SARS research or not.  I'll let you know in about 10 years Roll Eyes
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