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2003-05-08 09:58:44
I am getting a "Segmentation Fault" occasionally when running 4.3 in Suse 8.2. Sometimes it will happen after just a few minutes and other times it will chug along for 3 hours before it does it.  Think I'll have to wait til next version port before relying on the linux port.  Frown Hard to build the results up while crashing randomly.  If there is a switch or something that I'm not aware of or you think I may by doing something amiss please let me know.

System setup is Dual 1.7ghz Xeon, 1.5gig ram, Suse 8.2. Let me know if you need any other info.


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2003-05-08 23:24:38

this is a known feature of the 4.3x version. 
try to reduce the size of your results.dat.  that'll fix this bug. 
there's somewhere a memory-leak and i think stephen is working on this.


2003-05-09 10:03:51
Thanks PX3, I ended up switching over to the and have had no problems since.  Maybe it has something to do with the output of the ./unixmuon cmdline that causes it to give the segmentation fault, dunno.  Also as a side note, it doesn't seem to take full use of my processors.  Usually I have on average about 30% free as far as CPU usage goes.  I've tried different thread counts all the way up to 16 threads (priority of Normal) and I get no better performance.  But I just made 2 different muon directories and I'm running the ./muon_background in both at the same time so now I've got 100% being used.  Thanks again.  Smile

Friends help friends move....
REAL friends help friends move dead bodies.
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