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2003-05-12 13:41:10
I did my morning manualsend to try and push my score above another guy whom I am chasing, as the server it sent to (didn' catch which one Frown) has read only set on the directory, so the send function failed, and I lost my results.txt so the results are gone.  Question does the transfer to results.dat from results.txt occur before or after the send and can I just copy the 70K of results from the stat or beginning of results.dat and resend them?

David Glasson
2003-05-12 13:47:59
After every finished simulation the result is saved in results.txt as well as results.dat.  So yes, your results are still in results.dat, and you can get (copy) them out of that file.

Btw, check your sendlog.log file, all transfers should be logged there.

Dutch Power Cow.
2003-05-12 21:11:07
Already checked the send log but unfortunately due to the error it never wrote to the log file so I cannot even advise which server caused this.  I will just resend the results from the results.dat
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