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2003-05-15 20:45:31
I have uploaded results several times today and it seems that they have all gone missing.  I have sent in around 600k of results files and received no points.  Not happy.  Any advised on what might be going on
2003-05-15 20:47:26
Here are some of the send log entries

20030516-031557 127 results sent to
20030516-031906 65 results sent to
20030516-033836 11 results sent to
20030516-024909 11 results sent to
Running man
2003-05-15 22:47:47
same problem , since i have updated to 4.31c no stat-results .

results (only from this computer)

20030515-051038 101 results sent to
20030515-114046 94 results sent to
20030515-192503 94 results sent to
20030516-032847 94 results sent to
20030516-052135 21 results sent to

there are many more results from my others Razz
2003-05-16 01:30:30
Since 4.31c i allready have the same problem.
--> 20030515-213147 14 results sent to and in my stats "hours since last... = 37"
Since 4.31c the results are realy better, they are realy greater, but are they lost for ever?  What should we do?  Sending results to you, or not?
[DPC]TeamNWW - Huub
2003-05-16 03:50:55
Same here.. uploaded several times since upgrading to V4.31c but stats are not updated.. I only found 524Mpts of results in the stats which were probably 4.31b leftovers in my results.txt file.. seems to me your scripts are skipping the c version results Stephen..
2003-05-16 04:54:01
I have spoken via IM with Stephen and he has recompiled the stats script and it will be fixed, he was missing the c results
[DPC]TeamNWW - Huub
2003-05-16 05:49:47
Great!!.. Thnx DGROMS..
Stephen Brooks
2003-05-16 07:20:47
Looks like the script has done its stuff.  Your results ought to be showing properly now.

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