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2003-05-20 08:05:55

I have a heavy problem with the sreen off energy safe function of Windows 98, if muon1_cmdline.exe is running.
Normally, the screen is switched off after 15 minutes of mouse or keyboard inactivity.  Then if I hit any key or move the mouse, the screen should be switched on again.  But if I am running muon1_cmdline.exe, it is no more possible to switch the screen on.  I have only one option: to hit keys blind and shut down windows or just reboot by the reset button.

This first happened on version 4.3, with version 4.2 anything was ok.

2003-05-20 10:25:42
maybe u can try to use muon1_background.exe ?
2003-05-23 15:05:23
The background version is working very well

But sometimes I want to run the commandline version to see, what is going on.
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