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2003-05-30 04:41:10
Stephen, could you please stop changing the rawstatsfile ?
You have changed the Mpts to particles and viceversa now 5 times..
I wont be online that many, so i wont be able to fix the stats next time.
Stephen Brooks
2003-05-31 18:23:20
I haven't done anything to the rawstats file generator for nearly a month now.  What I've just found, though, is that the stats-generator was changing this back and forth all by itself!  I've fixed that now I hope.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature #NANĀ°C
2003-06-03 03:29:42
Ermm well i've been collecting the stats for about a week now and i havn't had any problems and all my stats seems right.

Maybe i'm not seeing it but isn't the first part until it says "" particles and then from then on its Mpts?

I'm only collecting Mpts as i don't want the old data.
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