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András Horváth
2003-06-02 12:48:57

I can not figure out how to force the client to recalculate a specified genom.  Can anybody write it down?  (Simple appending to queue.txt does not work.  The queue.txt remains in the same state for long time.)

Thank you in advance,


(I use the linux client of PX3.)
2003-06-02 20:35:36
1) Shut down the client.
2) Place the result in a file named queue.txt.  It seems you already know that.  Smile
3) In the queue.txt file, add #runs=001; at the end of the first line and save it.  Be sure not to leave any spaces between any characters in the line.
4) Rename your results.dat file anything else, so that it will not be read.  I use 1results.dat. 
5) Remove any file beginning with 'auto' such as auto.sav, autocli.sav etc.
They can be moved out of the folder and continued later, if you choose.
6) Restart the client and it will be re-checked as many times as you specify in config.txt.
7) Happy re-checking.  Smile
András Horváth
2003-06-03 05:28:42
Thanks, but something is wrong.  I performed step by step what you wrote down, but it did not recalculate the genom in queu.txt.

So, could anybody be so kind to recalculate this genom?

16.147025 (2676.4 Mpts) [v4.3] {339BB088}

The 16.14% seems to be irreal.  But it has an extremely high Mpts value too.  Can it be a real result?

Thank you in advace,


[This message was edited by Stephen Brooks on 2003-Jun-04 at 0:15.]
2003-06-03 08:46:21
Guessing by the number of Mpts.  it looks as if that has been run 10 times rather than 5. I tried changing my config.txt to 10 re-checks and it crashed the client as soon as it started to run.  I even tried changing the line from 5 to 10 and then the config file from 10 to 15 re-checks.  Same result.  Immediate crash.  That was the first time the muon client has ever crashed on one of my machines.
After that, I tried a normal result and it re-checked it perfectly with no crashing.

That result is dangerous.  Confused It may be a lot of points to lose, but it is definitely a bad one.

BTW: Stephen, it was a good idea to remove my previous post here, it could cause a lot of problems if not used properly.  Smile I thought about removing it myself after a good night's sleep.  I only do run them occasionally and only the re-run my own results that are slightly below my best.  They usually drop down a little, anyway.  Confused
John Kitchen
2003-06-03 09:27:22
I tried the recalc above and it crashed my client.  I did not modify the published result lines, but I set my recalcs up to 50 Big Grin
2003-06-03 09:39:54

can't recalc this one too.  My client crashed Frown

Maybe Stephen has an idea.

2003-06-03 12:09:40
good news everyone...
first it crashed on mine too, but then i copied just the first line over an existing queue.txt. 
that worked, i don't know why.  it seems to be an "ordinary" disign with a yield of 13.43%

John Kitchen
2003-06-03 14:08:12
Thanks, MaFi, I have now successfully started a recalc without a crash, watch this space for results.  John

PS four recalcs, confirming the above - 13.439416,13.451678,13.517310,13.478786

[This message was edited by John Kitchen on 2003-Jun-03 at 23:32.]
Stephen Brooks
2003-06-03 16:20:44
Originally posted by Pollock[Romulus2]:
BTW: Stephen, it was a good idea to remove my previous post here, it could cause a lot of problems if not used properly.  Smile I thought about removing it myself after a good night's sleep.

I didn't remove your post.  This entire thread appeared while I was busy and doing exams.  Maybe Infopop is having one of its "errors" again.
Originally posted by MaFi:
Maybe Stephen has an idea.

Well, a 'result of death'. Hmm.  Perhaps the reason why this latest bug I'm tracking is hard to replicate is because it's results-dependent?  This gives me another lead to follow - namely getting _my_ client here to try and process that result, to debug it.  Unfortunately progress will be limited until June 15-20 timeframe due to the aforementioned exams followed by a Neutrino Factory conference.

Today's weather in %region is Sunny/(null), max.  temperature #NAN°C
2003-06-03 17:01:40
Sorry, stephen.  Smile I just assumed that the thread went black because it had been removed.  It is just a matter of time before somebody tries a run and deletes the wrong file.  Oh, well.

Hope it helps with the crash problem.  The command-line client started to run it then immediately crashed.  Background client did the exact same thing.  The graphical client did not even open the display before the crash.
2003-06-04 00:28:12
13.463298 (1340.9 Mpts) not more, I think the 16.14 can be deleted

I'd say more, but I can't reach the keyboard from the floor.
Ben Whitten
2003-06-06 07:23:23
Hey just saw this post and my best result so far is, 13.602956 (268.8 Mpts) Seems to have a low Mpts but I'm proud of it.

2003-06-06 09:39:59
Originally posted by Ben Whitten:
Hey just saw this post and my best result so far is, 13.602956 (268.8 Mpts) Seems to have a low Mpts but I'm proud of it.


If it's not rechecked (which I suppose), that's a perfectly normal result.

Dutch Power Cow.
2005-07-16 14:28:48
How would you do this now?
2005-07-21 12:26:26
As ever:
"Seeding manual designs is done by writing the 1st line (the 'genome'/design line) yourself and then putting "TEST " as the second line.  You then put that into queue.txt before running.
2005-07-21 14:05:57
don't forget to list the lattice after TEST
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