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2003-06-04 07:55:09
I just downloaded and installed 4.31c on my Xeon 2 GHz machine, and whenever I try to run any of the programs (command line, background, graphical) I get an error saying "DirectDraw error 80004001 @ 3". Any help?

2003-06-04 15:01:28
Do you have directX installed on this machine.  And are you sure you have tried the background client as this doesn't have and graphical output, any machine that I have had always works in background mode without giving direct draw errors?
2003-06-05 04:57:52
Yes, it has DirectX 8.1, and yes, I tried ALL three clients (graphical, command line, and background) and none or them worked.
2003-06-05 10:12:42
Also, and I almost forgot to mention this, but I have downloaded both debug clients, and neither of them work.  Just covering my bases.

Stephen Brooks
2003-06-05 15:22:02
Well I'm really at a loss to imagine how you contrived to make the commandline version produce a DirectDraw error, given that I compiled that version with no DirectDraw code, ddraw.lib was not linked and it was targeted as a console/DOS-box application.  I can have a look at what that hex error code means though.  Will update here when I find out.


Well that error means the computer can't change the display mode to the required resolution.  Can you check that config.txt is set up to run the client at a resolution your computer can handle?  Also if you got _that_ error with the commandline version, it's possible I've mis-compiled it somehow to include bits of code that shouldn't be there.

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2003-06-05 16:59:00
OK, I will make sure I change that in the config.txt (I had it set to 1600x1200, which is the moniter's native resolution).  Also, I don't know if it's any help, but the workstation moniter I have is a LCD.

2003-06-06 07:20:59
OK... I changed the resolution in config.txt to 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024, and none of those work.  Then I checked them in the display properties (I changed the desktop resolution) and all of them checked out all right. 

I'm running on a Quadro4 700XGL with a Dell 19 inch LCD display running off of the DVI input.  Maybe it just doesn't like my machine.

Oh well, at least I have my home computer (466 PPGA Celeron on a miniATX mobo, which are the only two original componets left from the eMachine).

2003-06-10 21:41:51
I am not sure if this will help, but after reading these posts, I did some experimenting.  Try checking the config.txt file and make sure that the resolution line looks exactly like this one:
Resolution: 1024x768

Any extra spaces or lack of spaces will cause a DirectDraw error in graphical mode.  Some changes allowed the client to continue running but with a black-screen display.
Some modifications DID cause a crash of the background and cmd-line clients, too.
They were not DirectDraw errors, though.

No idea if this will help, but it may be worth a look.
2003-06-11 07:06:04
Amazing!  It works!  Thanks a bunch... although its odd that it would only work under 1024x768, and not 800x600 or the native 1600x1200 (although maybe the engine doesnt support it?).

But, thats Windows for you. 
2003-06-11 10:59:19
Glad it worked!  I just tried it with that setting, not with the others.  It may work, if the spaces are the same.
Stephen Brooks
2003-06-13 18:14:06
If you think you've messed up the config.txt file at any stage, deleting it will provoke the Muon program to produce a default file again, in the correct format (but with the default settings which might not be to your liking).  Then you can edit that.

I'd like it to work so that it is whitespace tolerant in each line of the config file.  I thought scanf did something like that (a space in the search string matches any number of spaces in the input), but I haven't tested so perhaps it (annoyingly) doesn't.

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