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Mike Malis
2003-06-16 17:25:47
I can't log out of the forum.  (Mike Malis)
Stephen Brooks
2003-06-16 17:43:53
If you can't log out, you must be logged in.  If you are logged in, then why did you post that message as a guest?  Big Grin

More seriously, I've had an oddity with this forum before where it displayed me as online even though I'd logged out.  There's a delay on the "who's online" readout coupled with some arcane system of cookies that identify users.  Once I deleted my cookies halfway through a session and the board did not like that.  I once got it to recursively redirect me to the same page until the HTTP request string became too long and the server send back a 404. Weird.

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Mike Malis
2003-06-17 00:59:20
I had been logged in and I closed my browser and then I remembered that I had not logged out.  I returned to the site to log out but when I got here it showed that I was logged in but that was the previously logged in browser that I closed and I was currently a guest.  So, I was then currently logged in as both a member and a guest and I decided to re-login as a member to see if it would correlate the two and then I could log out on both simultaneously..........It didn't work and I posted the above message as a guest.  Just before I logged in this time it showed me as logged out so something caught up and there is no problem now.

Mike Malis
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