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2003-06-19 09:16:12
Most wild ducks are apt to have the flavor of fish and when on hands of unexperienced cooks are sometimes unpalatable on this account.  Before roasting them, parboil them with a small peeled carrot put within each duck.  This absorbs the unpleasant taste.  An onion will have the same effect, but unless you use onions in the stuffing the carrot is preferable.  Roast the same as tame duck.  Or put into the duck a whole onion, peeled, plenty of salt and pepper and a glass of claret.  Bake in a hot oven 20 minutes. 

Stephen Brooks
2003-06-19 09:38:09
I wonder why 'wild duck' counts as different to 'tame duck'. The duck's state of mind affects how it would like to be cooked?  (Or whether it tastes of fish).
Maybe the 'tame' sort of ducks actually taste of stale bread, as that appears to be all they eat most of the time.  There's probably a carrot/claret/parrot plan to get rid of that too (though small peeled parrots might be a difficult ingredient to find).

I have figured out who you really are by the way.  That was sneaky posting inconspicuous stuff about mallards in the mallards forum where I might not have noticed it.  Big Grin

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