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[OCAU] Noodles
2003-06-20 22:17:31
.. as subject says, just kinda curious.  (I'm talking scientific wise, not point wise)
2003-06-21 06:02:07
100% means al particles make it to the end of the machine.  This will never happen.  We are currently at 13.xx%, and it's not likely we will get beyond 14%.

Dutch Power Cow.
Mike Malis
2003-06-21 11:10:21
[AMD Users] Michal Hajicek has 14.920244% and it has been rising about .2% per day.  If it were just a bad calculation then I would imagine that it wouldn't follow a trend, but, I may be wrong about that.  I think that only about 18-20% is possible with the current version if we run it a long time.  The shape of the tantalum rod I think needs to be changed such that there are internal paths in the rod that lead to many different foils or ribs of surface area facing in the foreward longitudinal direction (like a 3-dimentional delta) so that there will be a greater number of particles exiting on the proper side and traveling in the proper direction.  If this were combined with a boosting process around the rod at the moment the proton pulse hit it then transmission may climb even higher.  I think the pion to muon decay sceme is a bit fuzzy (maybe in a limiting way) right now.  Stephen has also mentioned a Muon cooling channel which I have no Idea what it is or does but that would also raise transmission percentage (so the experts say).  In the end I belive that transmissions of >80 % are achievable.  Stephen, what will be implemented differently in the next version and do you have a rough estimate as to how many weeks/months it will be available in?
[AMD Users] Michal Hajicek
2003-06-21 12:25:48
14.920% is manually optimized (57 units, tz=500 tr=000, s-lrf=999,d-l=000), 12runs, so I think we can't expect big improvements (maybe nontrivial design???).

[This message was edited by [AMD Users] Michal Hajicek on 2003-Jun-21 at 20:54.]
Mike Malis
2003-06-21 23:40:45
To [AMD Users] Michal Hajicek : How do you manually optimize?  I would sure like to mess around with that unless it requires programming knowledge as I do not have very much at the moment.

Mike Malis
[AMD Users] Michal Hajicek
2003-06-22 05:07:14
Suspected bug reports forum -> Strange checksum handling thread.
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