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2003-07-02 00:06:40
been running muon1_cmdline for ages without any problem, but since about a week it crashes and sometimes shows this :

New simulation
Reading genome scores...
Record rejected due to bad checksum: was {68A9F993}, should have been {something else}

any ideas what causes this ??

Goner - [DPC]TeamNWW
2003-07-02 09:40:54
hi goner,
this happens when you have manually modified the results in your results.dat or your results.dat file is damaged. 
what you can do is either delete the hole results.dat (and download a new one) or just open it with an editor, search for {68A9F993} and delete this line and the one above it (the one beginning with tantalumrodz=...).  make sure that you delete the two lines and don't insert empty lines! 

[AMD Users] Michal Hajicek
2003-07-02 09:45:44
Some results in results.dat file are bad (manual-edit or broken or something, or you use bad results from someone else).  So open results.dat, find reported checksum and delete this bad result (2 lines).  It should help.  But if your results.dat file is full of these strange results, then it will be better to delete it.  And yes, it crashes only from time to time, read Stephen's explanation in the 'Strange checksum handling' thread.


aaa, I'm too slow.  Roll Eyes
2003-07-03 07:20:42
thanks guys,

i frequently download the top 250 from Stephan202's site, but never manually edit it.
so there are probably more folk getting this error ... anyway, i now know what to about it.

Goner - [DPC]TeamNWW
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