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Stephen Brooks
2003-07-08 15:10:24
I dunno, I've been using Opera 6.01 for a while now and it doesn't center the main board in the screen like IE does.  You can view the source and see what I did - what should I change to make this work with Opera too?

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Stephen Brooks
2003-07-08 17:58:21
NB - -posting as guest AGAIN, due to some weirdness.  Might be Opera, might be my site, might be some other goblins, but it's giving "server reset connection" when I try to post as registered.

I used <p align='center'> to do it.  I looked for a CSS way but at least on none of the CSS properties looked hopeful last time I tried it.  It ought to be something like block-align:center...
Stephen Brooks
2003-07-09 05:51:48
O-kay.... I've fixed the problem and have two observations:

1. The way of doing centering in CSS is cludgey and inelegant.  I didn't use it in the end.

2. Opera has a "tantrum mode" where if it hits stuff that is at all outside official guidelines it starts to mis-render it.  For some reason nesting a "table" inside a "p" is not allowed, but nesting it inside a "div" is.  When I changed the "p" to a "div" it worked, apart from there not being a small vertical space above and below as there would be with a "p". So I CSS'ed a class of div's to have vertical padding, so they actually behave like "p" really ought to have behaved in the first place...

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Stephen Brooks
2003-07-09 05:52:54
Good grief.  Here's another apparent problem with Opera (which may in fact be a rather bizarre problem with this bulletin board): the server-closes connection error when I try to post doesn't happen in IE.

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2003-07-12 01:08:31
It seems you are fighting a little Browser war of your own!  Big Grin
Stephen Brooks
2003-07-12 14:48:58
It certainly felt like that Smile

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2003-07-18 13:09:07
I'm not sure if this would help, but you could try upgrading from version 6.01 to 7.11 or 6.06 if you don't like 7.
Stephen Brooks
2003-07-19 16:08:27
I'm one step ahead of you, Dilbert!  I came to view this new post in my recently-upgraded Opera 6.06 browser.

I'm wary of Opera 7.x because of skinning - here on a P-II-400, skinned applications (e.g. QuackTime ) tend to be rather laggy and consume more CPU than I really want them to.  OTOH O7 may have a way to switch that of, I just haven't looked as I was conservative in my upgrade.

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2003-07-25 10:15:45
There is a "Windows" skin in Opera 7 which uses native widgets.
Stephen Brooks
2003-07-25 16:45:45
I've upgraded to 7.11 now due to 6.06 lacking a convenient rightclick-viewsource for HTML documents.  However for some reason that escapes me, the back and forward buttons on my toolbar don't work, and neither can I use gestures or menus or keyboard shortcuts to achieve the same thing.  Everything else works fine!  It's really strange.  Makes you realise when you're on a website with bad navigation too.  Big Grin

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2003-07-25 19:52:57
That's odd.  I'm not sure if this is the problem, but as of 7.10, Opera has had back, forward, rewind, and fast forward buttons.  Maybe you are using the wrong ones but I doubt this since the mouse gestures don't work either.

Also make sure your history is set to a size other than 0.

EDIT: This probably isn't the right place to post this, but is there a reason I'm a "Duck-Shaped Croissant"?  I certainly didn't set that.
Stephen Brooks
2003-07-26 04:22:09
I saw the « and » buttons.  Actually they're quite strange - they seemed to detect the back-and-forth navigation in some of my pages even though I'd not intentionally programmed it to work with them!

I think my problem is that my history size is set to 0. What I really want is a history of about 20-30 pages while I'm browsing and then for that to be cleared when I close Opera.  I saw some options for this but for some reason switching them on didn't do it.  I'll have another look.

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2003-08-07 14:40:48
Those are the "rewind" and "fast forward" buttons.  And they detect links with the text "Next" and "Back" or "Previous" in them.  (Opera may even do some pre-caching of them, but I'm not sure)

This has lead to some interesting situations on a TV-Listings site with a show called "Next TV". If I mouse gesture forward by mistake (happens once in a while) I'll find myself looking at the synopsis for that day's showing.  Smile
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