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2003-07-23 05:58:03
Hi there

I've sent nearly 400 results and i cant see any of them in the stats.
Now i dont know if the pass rate is too low to be counted, if there is a server prob or if i may didnt see another aspect.

I started "out of the rar", added the user.txt and started the cmdline.
First send had a problem, ftp messages seemed to be fine but no window popped up, no sendlog was created.
I backupped all muon files and waited a day if maybe the results were sent correctly, so i looked up the stats if anything had happened. 
Nothing.  So i sent the new results, waited again, nothing, next bunch, again nothing.  I took my backup and sent again. 
You guess: Nothing in the stats Wink

So is there anything I didnt check ?  Is this normal ?  Any Idea ?

Here the log:
20030722-175859 36 results sent to
20030723-023706 86 results sent to
20030723-023917 270 results sent to

Thanks for any hint
Henri Valta
2003-07-23 06:28:46
Stats for 4.3x clients can be found in
Scrolling a few pages forward, one can find
337. [SG]Agarwaen 0 0 0 393 10074.2 0.676962 6

So you have total of 393 results accounted.
2003-07-23 06:48:04

I was staring at the zeros here: Roll Eyes

Thanks and sorry for that, now i am reliefed it was human error
(and glad my computer does the calculating, not me Big Grin )
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