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2003-09-08 22:08:45
I have recieved the following DirectDraw error message:
DirectDraw error 887601C2 @ 103

This error message has occured on three different computers along with the
Oh sod it dialog box.  Each time the computer is running muon1.exe and has just started or finished an ftp send.  (No results.txt file)

Two of the computers are running WinXP pro and the other is running W2K Pro all of the computers are running DirectX 9.0b

Is anyone else having this problem?

I have switched to muon1_background which does not have the DirectX problem.
Stephen Brooks
2003-09-09 12:16:33
You're probably best off with the background version for now, but I'll add this issue to the list of bugs to be looked into.  Unfortunately my work HDD died on Monday so I'm going to have to first repeat the bugfixing I'd done on the previous week (a script for nightly backups to the network share was a project for this week Frown ).

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