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Thomas King
2002-08-04 07:40:22
How about some muon-project related icons for the program executables?  The standard program "whitebox" icon looks awfully dull in my start menu.  ( I use XP, I like things to look nice).  We could have a competition!  Or not.  Anyway, it would be cool, because I'm currently using an icon of a tree and it looks odd.
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-04 11:02:51
Annoying thing about Windows seems to be that you can easily associate an icon with a shortcut but it's not quite so easy with an EXE file.  I think there's some rather manky way that involves resources.


Looks like I have to add it as a resource and the icon resource with the lowest ID number becomes the Windows program icon.  I'll have a go at doing that.

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