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2003-09-13 19:56:55
Well, How do you?
2003-09-14 00:19:32
If you want to join an existing team, you can simply look for the team name in the stats list and edit your user.txt file to reflect the team name. 
Some examples:
[DPC]MPH would be a member of the DPC team.
MPH[Romulus2] would be a mamber of the Rom2 team. 

If you have already submitted results under your current name and want them transferred to the new team name, just add a post to the Official 'can I be renamed thread' to do that.  You must change your user.txt to the new name so that future results will be credited to that name.

If you want to start a new team, change your user.txt to the name you choose and post a New Team request on the forum.
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