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2003-09-27 13:24:54
Great to see the new version so soon.  Cool
I happened to notice the extra line on the stats page almost at the same time it was posted and downloaded the new client.  After about 15 hours a few problems, though. 
Running manualsend while the client is running caused a few different problems.
1) The first time, the results were sent, but the ftp.exe client was still running 30 min.  later when I noticed my connection was slow.  It also shut down the background client.  I had to restart the computer to shut down ftp.exe.  Task Manager refused.  Those results have not showed in the stats (they were worthless junk, anyway) so no idea if they were actually properly sent.
2) The second time, manualsend shut down the client immediately, but the results were sent OK.

Second problem:
I couldn't resist trying the new feature of the test queue.  When I went to sleep.  it had completed three runs of 3.10, 3.14 and 3.10 but the results were never recorded and the queue.txt file just disappeared.  I tried setting the re-checks to zero in config.txt and ran another test using commandline.  It completed the test run and just disappeared before I could read the results.  They should have been at or near the 3.10 of the previous test.  Nothing was shown in the results.txt or results.dat for either test run. 

These were both with Windows 2000 running on an XP2000+

I also tried a test run on machine #2 which uses Win2000 on a t-bird 1.2 gig. 
Same result.  It ran the test through five rechecks and then just disappeared without a trace.  Other than these problems, the background and commandline clients ran flawlessly.  Haven't tried the full client yet.
2003-09-30 21:17:39
Not sure why, but after day one the TEST queue function has worked well.  It shows in the results.  Big Grin
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