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2003-09-28 12:28:51
When I try to open the Best 100 file for today, in powerarchiver I get a CRC error.  If I 'continue' nowt happens (no file is unpacked).  Is this a problem with my venerable computer, or my feeble brain?

I installed the best 100 from yesterday fine, btw.
Stephen Brooks
2003-09-28 12:32:43
Just a broken FTP upload by the looks of it - I've regenerated the file now and it checks out OK here using WinRAR.  If the .rar doesn't work you can always try the .txt file.  And if both don't work you can always wait 3 hours by which time my computer here will have generated it again.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-09-29 12:29:24
Thanks.  Done 'n' Dusted now
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