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2003-09-28 12:34:51
Since version 4.32 has come out, there seems to be a new Best 100 file every day.  Is it possible to just add the old one to the new one, or do you have to replace the old one with the new.  Does a big .dat file increase the scientific value of the results, or just slow down your computer?

Sorry for the dopey question/repeating the dopey question/filling up the forum with dopey question/pointless apology

(delete as appropiate)
Stephen Brooks
2003-09-28 12:39:28
If you look on the Muon page where you can download the best100 file, there's a link saying "How to use..." that goes to a section on the FAQs about a "best 250". I updated that with my most recent recommendations, which answer most of your questions.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-09-29 12:27:48
Okay.  Next time I'll RTFM
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