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Dark Raider
2004-08-19 19:51:57
any chance that this project will ever use boinc, if not I may have found a new home for my rigs
2004-08-20 00:18:10
Originally posted by Dark Raider:
any chance that this project will ever use boinc, if not I may have found a new home for my rigs

I have never read about anything in that direction, so I guess it's safe to land here.

What are your thoughts about BOINC?  Why don't you want to run it?
Stephen Brooks
2004-08-20 01:59:19
It's fairly unlikely that I'll ever use BOINC (I mean, most of the infrastructure is here already), so you're OK.
2004-08-27 21:18:35

Scientists at CERN, the famous European particle physics laboratory located near Geneva, Switzerland, are also working to join the BOINC family.  The main CERN accelerators are circular tubes, several kilometers in length, surrounded by powerful superconducting magnets that bend the path of sub-nuclear particles traveling at close to the speed of light.  When designing their experiments, CERN physicists need to calculate the exact locations in which to place the powerful to guide the particles in their proper course.  By designing their own BOINC program, they will be able make these calculation faster and with greater accuracy, leading to improved and more efficient experiments. 

Any relation?  If there's already a seperate plan, you'll probably want to get in on it to avoid this project becoming outdated.... BOINC might bring lots of members.  (I have no clue why anyone would be opposed to BOINC, though)

[edit] Oh, I think he was just having trouble with getting BOINC to work (see Google search on "Dark Jester" Boinc).
Pierre-Fran├žois Pirlet
2004-08-28 07:49:31
Hi Everyone!  I am a new member which used to give cpu cycles to seti@home before it was joined with boinc.  The reason why I flew away from seti@home is boinc: it is really not user-friendly, changing parameters is a true challenge (it is done by a html page on the main website) and it cannot be run as a screensaver(as far as I know)...

I really think Boinc isn't the messiah-like platform for distributed computing.  So before thinking to bring this project to boinc on, please have a serious test of boinc...

PS: please forgive my bad English: I am a French-native speaker.  And, oh, if there are boinc Fans here, please don't take any offense of this message: I also was a Boinc-fan...
J. L. Brown
2005-01-30 08:15:03
Hi Pierre!  I also ran pre-BOINC SETI@Home, and was very happy with it... the transition to the early BOINC software was difficult.  The current generation of BOINC software is really excellent, though!  I run screensavers from six projects, five of them serious science: SETI@Home (the graphics have been updated, and you can choose how they display), Einstein@Home (Looking for Gravity waves and their sources - displays a beautiful celestial sphere), LHC@Home (displays a cross section of the Hadron beam), (displays a globe with the constantly shifting results of a weather model), and ProteinPredictor@Home (uses the generic BOINC default screensaver, but the science is important).  The install is easy too - go to for the latest version for the most common platforms; for windows just download and run the package.  You will need to set up an account, or reactivate your Classic SETI@Home account.  The only real issue I have with BOINC is that not enough projects support it - although the projects that DO support it seem to gain quite a lot of users and computing power by doing so.  (*Shrug*) The major benefits of BOINC for me are being able to specify exactly how much of my time and resources is spent on each project, and if a project goes down for a while, or cannot send out work, then my computer will stay busy with the other projects I like.
In fact, that is how I ended up here; I went out looking for cool distributed computing science projects.  I wish there was a BOINC version of this one, it looks really neat, and the physics appeal to me; but I have so many other projects running under BOINC that I do not want to abandon to run this one exclusively.  (*Sigh*) Maybe someday; but I don't know anything about writing a BOINC client, and it may be more difficult than the software engineers on this project want to fool with - doesn't keep me from hoping, though.
2005-02-25 11:14:25
I can't believe how many people still do seti@home.

As i keep telling Stephen, look at home decent publicity can make a useless project popular, and have staunch defendants.I mean, its a year behind, and analysing data slower, and less completely than the 10yo BETA can.  what a worthwhile project!  hell, its slower and a less complete a study than the even older META can do.  a META array would use about the same cost of hardware as seti@home, would be better science, but, tellingly, not as much publicity...
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