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2003-09-30 21:30:04
I'm not sure if theses are rogue results or some software glitch, but my clients on two different machines have produced several results like this one:

-1.#IND00 (308.2 Mpts) [v4.32] {EC1315F4}

I thought they were just miscalculated results, in the past and deleted them until this one.  It was a random run and not a TEST run and created a queue.txt which was re-checked five times.  It eventually turned into the highest run i've had to date.  The -1.#IND00 (308.2 Mpts) [v4.32] {EC1315F4} was removed after the first re-check and it ran through all five to produce this one:
9.065124 (1754.5 Mpts) [v4.32] {C0287917}

Not sure at all what causes this, but the next one will not be deleted.  Big Grin
2003-10-01 14:53:44
The wierd result shown above was not the one that produced the 9.06 in the stats.

There have been a few more of them today.  Apparently after they are completed they are not placed in the results.dat or .txt files, BUT they do create a queue.txt file.  The queue is not re-checked, it just sits in the Muon folder taking up space until a REAL high result creates a queue.txt file and overwrites the wierd one. 

I have seen three of these pop up today with different checksums and on two different computers.  No idea what causes them but they don't seem to hurt anything and are not mixed in with the normal results.
2003-10-01 22:12:31
Something strange happened when I ran the graphics program where every value like the Muons Retained percentage was replaced by "-1.#IND00"
2003-10-02 00:05:08
That "-1.#IND00" is usually indicative of a division by zero error.  I'm not 100% positive that that's what's going on here, but it's a pretty safe guess.
Stephen Brooks
2003-10-02 12:36:36
There was a possible divide-by-zero (caused by another error) in version 4.32, which was fixed in 4.32b.

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-10-02 22:04:13
That may be it.  There haven't been any today.  Last night, I finally switched all the drives to the 4.32b version.
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